Lidars installed in Brussels Region until April 13 – Flashing sights abound!

The Lidars in Brussels have been relocated as usual on Thursdays, with eight devices being operational until April 13. The number of fixed speed cameras on Walloon motorways will reportedly decrease, although it is unclear which ones. The locations of several repressive devices have been highlighted, such as a Lidar at the end of the E40 towards Montgomery, a radar in the 50th anniversary tunnel, and a speed camera on Avenue du Château in Koekelberg. Additionally, there are enforcement devices in place in Evere, Auderghem, Anderlecht, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, and Uccle. The article concludes with a warning to respect speed limits at all times. In the future, 27 new speed cameras are set to launch in Brussels by 2023, along with 15 others in 2024.

Like every Thursday, the Brussels Lidars have been moved. In total, eight repressive devices are operational and will remain in place until April 13.

The number of fixed speed cameras will decrease on the Walloon motorways: “It is still difficult to say which ones will be removed”

We find a Lidar at the end of theE40, towards Montgomery. In the 50th anniversary tunnela radar was also installed.

To the north, a repressive device is in place on avenue du Château, in the town of Koekelberg. AT Evereit flashes rue Plaine d’Aviation, a street as a reminder limited to 30 km/h.

To the south, fines chaussée de Tervueren, in the territory ofAuderghem. AT Anderlecht, a speed camera is operational on rue du Potaerdenberg. AT Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, verbalizations also on the avenue de Tervueren not far from the Villalobar stop. Finally, Chaussée de Saint-Job in Ukkel, a Lidar is located under the railway bridge. A word of advice: respect the speed limits in all circumstances.

27 new speed cameras in 2023 in Brussels and 15 others in 2024: two section speed cameras should also see the light of day this year

In conclusion, drivers in Brussels should be aware of the presence of repressive devices such as Lidars and speed cameras across the city. As of now, eight Lidars will be operational until April 13 and the exact location of the removed fixed speed cameras on Walloon motorways is still unknown. It is important to respect the speed limits in all circumstances to ensure safety on the roads. Furthermore, the city plans to add 27 new speed cameras in 2023 and 15 others in 2024, including two section speed cameras. Stay alert and drive safely.

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