Lin Yi “I am in the critical danger period of bacterial pneumonia

Lin Yi “I am in the critical danger period of bacterial pneumonia

[Love Media Lin Yi’s Column]”As long as you cough up blood, don’t even think about it, go to the emergency room directly, don’t make a joke!” At noon, the female doctor in Beirong’s chest repeatedly warned me three or four times before the Will let me go.

You must always trust a woman’s sixth sense, especially the woman around you. Back then, when I went to the United States to play games with a group of friends and stayed up all night in a casino, I almost lost all my tuition fees. At that time, my girlfriend was so mad that she snatched the bucket of chips that was tightly clamped to my inner thigh, and randomly picked a slot machine. All won in less than ten minutes.

This incident from nearly thirty years ago still deeply affects me to this day. On the Tanabata night, my wife abnormally pulled me to her side. She said that her right eye had been jumping for two hours. She instinctively pressed her right index finger to her eyelid.

“The weakest people in your family are your grandmother and your father. If you’re worried, you can call me tomorrow morning to say hello!”

“I think it’s you!” My wife turned her body upright to face me, the horror in her eyes I had never seen before.

“Let’s sleep together tonight!” She said, that’s great, the Queen Mother gave an edict, Chitose, Chitose, Chitose.

Since the diagnosis, I have been staying in a guest room. Except for the unresolved heat of the evening sun, the air-conditioning is not frequency-converted, and it is very noisy. During this period, I was afraid of the cold anyway, and the electric fan often made it through with a little sweat.

So of course it’s good. As a result, I was comfortable that night, and it was dawn, but she was the Princess Red Bean, no, she was even younger, she was the little Princess Mocha, and she couldn’t sleep all night. Getting up is the most energy-intensive act of the day. In the morning, my spirits are exceptionally good. I don’t have a dry cough all night, and the pain in my ribs and diaphragm has subsided significantly. I don’t think I’m fine at all.

“Let’s go swimming tomorrow morning!”

“Hello, no, I’ll be with you Niang Qiao, you can adjust my breath.”

“Then Sunday.”

While I was having breakfast, I opened Facebook and other social apps. I should really thank you all. I just clicked the heart for every message, but a mouthful of phlegm came up. I walked slowly to the toilet, and the dazzling sun once I can’t open my eyes.

The weather is so good! Then I looked down, strangely, it was a blood clot of phlegm, followed by the second and third, although the color became lighter. I am also a superstitious person. In my life, most of the people who have saved me are women. At this desperate moment, the doctor has to find a girl.

The female doctor frowned when she saw the picture of my bloody sputum, and directly said that this was not caused by pulmonary fibrosis, so I quickly took another picture. I’m a movie maker, and I’m very excited when I hear the “film”. The last movie was only five days ago. I’m very doubtful about how much the plot can change in a few days.

“I see your right lower lung, it’s new, it must be bacterial pneumonia.”

Then the female doctor was quite humorous and said that it might be a group of virus robbers who have robbed your right lung and forgot to close the door, and now a group of thieves have come in. But the trouble for you now is that you have liver B and poor blood coagulation. If you cough up blood, it will kill you, understand?

In short, I finally figured out that another group of bacteria was dismantling my country, invading my land, and smashing my right lung city into rubble and burning it to ashes. So the current seventy-two hours is a critical danger period.

Thank you for your concern and encouragement. Many people privately messaged me. There are similar situations at home. Even if many have passed away, they have no mood or ability to express online. The number of deaths due to the epidemic is majestic and sad. History of blood and tears.

A female friend praised me for being so ill, and just waved the Chinese Valentine’s Day text, which made her admire her beyond recognition. I said that I actually had brain fog occasionally, and there were obviously many typos, but I remembered to turn on the fog lights.

At six o’clock in the evening, my wife was finally exhausted and invited me to come with her into the room, but I flatly refused, I owe this girl too much, I sat in front of the computer and typed this report, all I can do is to write everything through text Record it for future generations to have a credential reference.

At this age, I realize the end of my life. There are still several exits ahead between high-speed sailing. You can’t tell or know. You are here, I am here, and everyone is here. In my life journey, it is really nice to meet you. Very good thing!

It is also destined by heaven, it is the stars, it is life, if I suddenly leave, I will ask you all to tell my little Mocha princess all the moments and stories that you have spent with me.


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