Lina Tejeiro’s taunts to La Liendra?

Mauricio Gómez, known on social networks as La Liendra, has once again been in the eye of the hurricane for some publications he made in recent days regarding the visit of Luisito Comunica and the national strike.

On this occasion, apparently, the actress, model and influencer Lina Tejeiro, would have scoffed at him for some statements he made extolling his support and participation in the national strike in previous weeks.

Although Lina Tejeiro did not mention it, many Internet users assured that her message was directed to La Liendra.

What is the need for people to show that they do more than other people? What is the desire to fill your mouth disparaging or devaluing what others do? What need to want to shine, overshadowing what others do in their own way and at their fingertips? Be very careful with him, I did, I did, I did … we must also think about others, “wrote Lina Tejeiro in her Instagram stories.

Later in another story he added: “That you can do more than others does not mean that it is more valuable than what others within your reach achieved. You always have to do things from the heart and without having to wait for approval or something in return. “

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