Listed the main risk factors for pancreatic cancer

As the doctor notes, 80 percent of patients with pancreatic cancer have aggressive adenocarcinoma. The five-year survival rate is only 5-10 percent.

“In some cases, the symptoms of pancreatic cancer can be cleverly disguised as other diseases, so a person does not attach any importance to them for a long time,” she noted.

Vasilyeva drew attention to the risk factors that are associated with the development of this disease. These are chronic pancreatitis, heredity, bad habits and diabetes.

Thus, according to the doctor, long-term pancreatitis increases the risk of developing cancer by 25 times, and hereditary pancreatitis by 70 times. Vasilyeva clarified that among oncologists adenocarcinoma has a special term “familial pancreatic cancer.” People with KRAS2 genes are at particular risk.

One of the threatening factors is also bad habits: alcohol and smoking. According to the oncologist, up to 33 percent of pancreatic cancer cases are related to smoking. Alcohol abuse is no less harmful to the health of the gland.

Poor nutrition can also be a trigger that provokes the development of this type of cancer. In turn, diabetes mellitus can be both an early symptom of pancreatic cancer and a predisposing factor.

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2024-04-23 01:00:34

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