Living in Solitude: The Man who Spent 12 Years Alone in a Spanish Cave

2023-09-05 10:40:49

OWho among us doesn’t long for the serenity that comes with finally being alone in a room after a busy day? A man in Spain spent 12 long years alone following such a wish. The Daily Star reported that he (who has not been named) lived his 12 years of recluse life in a seaside cave on Formentora, a beautiful island near the Spanish tourist coastal town of Ibiza. But the laws of the land made him a lawbreaker. It was the rules of the Environment Management Department that prevented the solitary life of that man. He was accused of violating camping rules.

According to reports, the man was found in a cave on the beach of Formentora following indications that a man was living a solitary life. Then the authorities asked him to vacate the cave within two days. He later said that those were the best 12 years of his life, according to reports. According to reports, he had prepared all the facilities in the cave to facilitate the life of a human being. A desk made of old boxes and two beds, one of which is made of beds. Then a sheep crib was also prepared in that cave. He also made a shower out of a broken bucket. He also arranged mosquito nets around the beds to get rid of mosquitoes.

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✒️ He’s been living in a cave for 12 years!

– A man lived in a cave for 12 years on the island of Formentera, near Spain’s tourist center Ibiza.

– The incident was discovered by the police, who went to the area upon a tip.

— 23 DEGREES (@yirmiucdegree)

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According to reports, he led a very quiet life until he was brought down by the environmental management authorities. But the authorities claimed that garbage was piled up in the cave. The authorities told him that all the garbage in the cave should be removed within two days or else he would face consequences. However, in the pictures circulating on social media, the cave looked very clean. After the news came out, social media users turned against the environment department. Social media users alleged that he did not harm the environment in any way and that the authorities treated him very poorly. Moreover, they alleged that the Environmental Council had no authority over Spain’s caves. One commented, ‘How nice. There is no covid, no war, no terrorism, no economic purchasing power, no religion, no priest. How beautifully he would have lived there till he was 100 years old. It’s a shame, I hope he goes back to his cave life.’ It was

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