living with the virus, the new credo of the French

From the general wearing of masks to local measures to manage the health crisis, the behavior of the French in the face of Covid-19 has totally changed, notes the foreign press.

France has just crossed the threshold of 10,000 new cases of Covid-19 in twenty-four hours [le 12 septembre]. A level of circulation of the virus “Disturbing”, to the point of forcing the government to “Make a number of difficult decisions”, had warned the President of the Scientific Council, Jean-François Delfraissy. And yet, an intervention by the Prime Minister later, in the south of the country, France takes the air of a postcard, writes the Daily Telegraph :

Autumn is fast approaching, even if it is not obvious. Radiant bathers still dive into the sea and the pools, and [il y a quelques jours], the beaches of Languedoc were crowded. Birds literally roast in flight in the heat, and many find a little solace in our feeders and ponds. All this to say that, even if the situation in France is far from normal – and is becoming a little more critical every day – the country still seems to be escaping hysteria. ”

The coronavirus may resurface in the country, France has not given up on life, observes the Daily Telegraph : consumption is in good shape, the Tour de France crosses the country, the Bayonne dance festival is in full swing.

For this journalist, the verdict is clear:

Since March, I tell you that this virus does not have the power to change France. ”

From open conflict to a policy of detente in the face of the virus

An observation that is not far from sharing New York Times, who observed an unprecedented calm in the country. The American daily highlights in particular the change in tone of the French executive, which has become less martial :

In the early days of the pandemic, Emmanuel Macron urged the French to


Carolin Lohrenz

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