Lockdown Happening Yanggang Province, ‘three-day quarantine’ guidelines for cold patients

A view of Hyesan City, Ryanggang Province, North Korea. /Photo = Daily NK

Recently in Ryanggang Province, a lockdown order was issued due to an outbreak of a fever, but the lockdown was lifted within one day after it was revealed to be a flu. was reported to have fallen.

A source from Yanggang Province told Daily NK on the 2nd, “Recently, the Ryanggang Province Emergency Prevention Command has issued an order to quarantine for three days if a patient with cold symptoms develops.” They should be quarantined for a day,” he said.

According to the source, the provincial emergency quarantine command said that the reason for the recent emergency lockdown in the area with a fever in Ryanggang Province was because it was misdiagnosed as Corona without diagnosing the flu in a timely manner. Pochi was told that he had to be quarantined for a day.

Earlier, through the Rodong Sinmun, North Korea reported that four people had a fever in Ryanggang Province on the 25th of last month and closed the area, but the next day, on the 26th, it was reported that all of them were found to have had a cold, and the lockdown was lifted.

In particular, the provincial emergency quarantine command department issued this guideline, saying, “Roaring cold is an acute disease that is spread by infection with a virus (virus). It has to be done,” he said.

In other words, just coughing and sneezing should be judged as having a cold and should be quarantined.

However, in response to these guidelines, residents say, “It is difficult to solve the food problem for a day even if you don’t go to the market for one day. If you are quarantined for three days, who will provide food for your family?”

However, unlike the corona virus, where the entire area is blocked, the residents are breathing a sigh of relief in that only the person has to quarantine for three days.

Meanwhile, even after North Korea declared the end of the corona crisis, it is reported that in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province, doctors in charge of hospitals go around the area in charge every morning to check the temperature of residents.

Doctors visit households every day to check if any residents are showing symptoms of fever, but often turn around without looking at their condition and asking if they have any other symptoms, the source said.

Because of this, some sarcastic comments are coming from the residents, such as, “Is there nothing to do in the morning?” On the other hand, there are voices pointing out that high fever patients suspected of Corona are an easy condition to hide their condition.

In this regard, the source said, “Even if you talk about the symptoms of Corona, the medicine does not solve it, you have to go out for a long time, you have to live in isolation, and furthermore, because of the fear that local lockdown measures may be imposed, they are hiding their disease status. “There are a lot of residents,” he said.

Residents who are directly threatened with livelihoods do not speak up even if they show symptoms of the coronavirus, fearing that a complete lockdown could exacerbate their livelihood difficulties, the source said.

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