Lockdown of the culture industry: 8 million livelihoods in Europe threatened

Dhe consequences of the pandemic can be felt in many areas, whether in air traffic or tourism, but especially in culture they can be observed as if under a magnifying glass. Not only because you walk through dark, empty streets in the evening, no cinema, no theater, no museum is open, but because many cultural people now have to deal with existential changes, such as the loss of their hitherto somewhat secure life in wages and bread.

To visualize the situation, it is worth taking a look at a new study, commissioned by twenty players in the European Union, including the German VG Bildkunst, the collecting society of artists. At the end of 2019, the cultural and creative industries had significantly more employees than other leading sectors of the European economy – “2.9 times more than the automotive industry and 6.3 times more than the chemical industry”.

You can already hear the prophecies of doom: But that’s all subsidized. No: only ten percent of the industry is supported by the state in Europe.


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