Logitech Streamcam: Unleash Your Creativity with High-Quality Video for a Great Price

2023-09-02 16:31:07

If you thought you needed to unleash your imagination on video and capture the moment with decent quality and for a contained price, the Logitech Creator Streamcam might be your next model to consider since its price is now down to just $78. euros instead of more than 100 euros usually.

“If you want to make films, you just need something that films” sang to us a great contemporary author. Beyond being a laudable idea, to capture a moment in a qualitative way, it is still better to ensure a minimum of the quality of the material that one decides to use, to obtain in fine a result as much be inconclusive. This is of course also the case for streaming and content creation. And this is where the Logitech brand comes into play, which has decided to tackle this trend head-on by offering a dedicated webcam, the Streamcam, which we currently find on promotion under 80 euros.

Benefits of the Logitech Streamcam

A Full HD sensor filming up to 60 fps A universal mounting system and a stereo microphone Compatibility with Windows and Mac

Usually marked around 125 euros, the Logitech Streamcam (in white color) – is now available at only 78 euros on Amazon.

A powerful webcam

The Streamcam is the Logitech brand’s answer to the trend current streaming which is becoming more and more democratized. The Swiss brand wishes here to offer a more embellished experience to meet current challenges. This starts with its design, which offers a greater inclination to its sensor to adapt to vertical or horizontal formats, which makes it much more flexible in an era where short formats are widely shared on social networks. It also offers a 2-axis mounting system to adhere to several types of surfaces or even a tripod.

The Streamcam is not to be outdone either on the video side with a sensor allowing it to film in Full HD quality up to 60 fps, a quality suitable for current streaming platforms. It does not stop there in terms of functionality since it also offers facial recognition assisted by AI. This will allow you to obtain a more precise focus and exposure on your face depending on the ambient light.

Many features on the program

This webcam also has a USB-C port for better transfer speeds, you will need to remember to bring an adapter if your computer does not have one. It will also allow you to adjust its settings using software called Logitech Capture, a program that installs as soon as the camera is first connected. You will find settings for the desired definition, contrast, options to optimize your image, etc. It will allow you to create and share content without having to go through another software.

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