August 18th Theater and Circus Festival: Magic Shows, Puppet Shows, Circus Acts, and Plays for All Tastes

2023-09-03 05:27:46

Magic show, puppet shows, circus shows and plays for all tastes have been enjoyed by the citizens since the August 18th in it Theater and Circus Festival. For this year the festival says goodbye this sunday september 3 with three great free theater and circus presentations.

He Theater and Circus Festival ‘The scene grows’ is organized by the District Institute of the Arts-Idartes.

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A sophisticated marquise, from the times of the Chilean Colony, He suffers from unbearable insomnia and discovers that music can be the solution to his problem, so he contacts a famous Italian musician. He and her clumsy assistant, in the midst of many comic situations of entanglements, in which the Bolivian assistant of the marquise also intervenes, try to please her with her baroque music and her particular way of interpreting it.

II Concerto is inspired by the anecdote of the composer Bach, who composed the Goldberg Variations for a count to relieve his insomnia; and at the same time, it is a trip through the Baroque music and the Italian comedy of artas well as the time of the Colony in Chile.

dance theater

A circus company is announced at an important festival to present their show, but this company, although it has a very talented team, is too clumsy and cannot agree on the preparation of the show.

Thus, she is forced to respond to the public, even without having any idea of ​​what she is going to do, giving a solution in a clown and spectacular way to a number of obstacles generated in the presentation of each act.

Tasty Circus is a high-impact interdisciplinary show that fuses various artistic techniques such as the clown, music and the circus. A mixture that manages to enhance the different emotions and sensations in the public, with a street Format Scene, in a fantastic universe where everything is possible.

I am my own Muse. Theater in Miniature. Tribute To Giant Women

I Am My Own Muse, Miniature Theater, Tribute to Giant Women is a scenic street experience, consisting of six Lambe Lambe puppet theater plays or also known as Mystery Boxes, inspired by paintings by six female artists representative of Latin American art (Débora Arango, Beatriz Gonzales, Remedios Varo, Frida Kahlo, among others).

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Each work has an approach from the feminine look, related to some of the gender dynamics: Women and War; The Witch Woman and inventor; Women in science and technology; Women, family and motherhood; The Woman and her sexuality; Women, violence and sexual abuse in minors; Women and their relationship with the political and social.

The Lambe Lambe experience has as characteristicthe intimate theaterwhere viewers can observe and peek in 4-5 minutes, through a viewer or hole, the entire universe of each story.

Hours: 11:00 am-3:00 pm

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