Look at 4 Thai health innovations Show the APEC meeting attendees to promote Chula Hospital for accurate cancer treatment

The Ministry of Public Health leads the APEC meeting participants to look at 4 innovations in medicine – Thai public health. The whole proton center accurate cancer treatment Few side effects, facial deformity correction center Relief Office and “Doctor Ready” in line with BCG APEC policy

On Aug. 24, Dr. Sura Wisetsak, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) led a team of executives and representatives of more than 80 members of APEC economic zones to study medical and public health innovations at Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, which is one of the activities of the APEC Health Week meeting

Dr. Sura said that the epidemic of Covid affect the economy of many countries. including APEC members circular economy and green economy (BCG) to drive economic recovery Emphasis is placed on bringing technology and innovation to help business operators, adding value and reducing losses. more environmentally conscious Today’s visit is to present innovations in medical and public health in Thailand that correspond to BCG in 4 topics: 1. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Proton Center Chulalongkorn University Hospital is a 15 meter deep underground building, treating cancer patients with radiation with proton particles. which is the first in Southeast Asia The treatment uses a cyclotron accelerator. Accelerates proton particles to destroy cancerous tumors. The normal tissue in front of the tumor receives a low dose of radiation. and the tissue after the tumor is rarely exposed to radiation. make treatment with high accuracy reduce side effects increase the efficiency of treatment Patients have a better quality of life and longer.

2. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Center Fixed deformities on the face and skull. It is the largest center for correction of facial and craniofacial deformities in Southeast Asia. Caring and helping people with facial deformities from birth or accidents to return to live a quality life in society with patients referred from hospitals across the country It provides care for more than 3,000 different types of facial and cranial abnormalities. It is considered a learning center for doctors across the country and abroad. It is also a center for treating elephantiasis patients with the “Chula Technique” that has been used all over the world.

3. The Relief and Public Health Office, the Thai Red Cross Society provides comprehensive assistance to alleviate the suffering of disaster victims. both prepared before the disaster Disaster management and rehabilitation to alleviate the suffering of the disadvantaged Pracha Namai Phithak promotes quality of life Providing medical services through 13 Red Cross stations, providing medical treatment, rehabilitation, health promotion. and prevent disease Organize a mobile medical unit for ophthalmology Plastic surgery to correct cleft lip and cleft palate and other disabilities including mobile dental unit

And 4. Doctors ready. Applications occur during covids. The first was a communication channel for people to access their own vaccine information. Assessment and follow-up after vaccination At present, “Doctor Ready” is the largest digital platform for public health in Thailand. More than 32 million people have access to both the application platform and Line OA and continue to develop.

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