Lose weight: here is the unsuspected fat-burning ingredient to add to all your dishes to slim down a little every day

Do you want to start a weightloss ? The best thing to do to achieve this is to make an appointment with a health professional: doctor, dietitian or nutritionist. The latter can best support you according to your metabolism while not endangering your health.

But if you want to read tips, just for fun, without necessarily implementing them (because frankly, certainly it comes from studies, but in practice you never know what it’s worth), we have unearthed a new technique for you. According to researchers from University of Adelaide Center for Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Diseaseschilli could help you lose weight, can we read on the site creapharma.ch. According to their research, peppers contain a molecule, capsaicin, which increases the feeling of satiety. In short: if we eat spicy, we would be sated more quickly. And so we would like to eat less.

On our side, we especially think that the pepper stings so strongly, that we have the puck on fire very quickly. And want to move on to another dish! Or not eat at all.

Pepper, a natural fat burner?

Another story, still in favor of chilli, with our colleagues on the site Marie-France. They report the results of a study conducted at theUuniversity of wyomingpar Vivel Krishnan on rodents. This shows that mice who were injected with a small dose of capsaicin (0.01%) did not gain weight, while those who did not benefit from it ended up gaining weight. In addition, it has been proven that the consumption of chili peppers can increase basal metabolism by up to 25% !

Other scientists, this time from Quebec, have found thata zest of cayenne pepper taken breakfast was enough to avoid the 10 a.m.. The fact remains that you have to have the courage, the desire and the puck to be able to consume chilli as soon as you get up! We admire those who succeed.

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