“Lose Weight Without Dieting: Tips from a Clinical Nutritionist to Get a Fit Body”

2023-05-01 17:30:02

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Monday 01 May 2023

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Many people want to lose weight, and then get a fit body, without the need to follow diet systems and do strenuous exercise.

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Tips for losing weight without dieting

In this regard, Dr. Dina Mahmoud, a clinical nutritionist, indicated that it is easy to lose weight without dieting, but it is required to adhere to a set of guidelines.

Dina said that eating fiber is one of the first effective ways to lose weight without dieting, and the reason is due to its ability to keep the stomach full for long hours, which reduces the calories consumed throughout the day.

The nutritionist added that protein plays a major role in losing weight and raising the body’s fat burning rate, by reducing the feeling of hunger and building and strengthening muscles.

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And she stressed that there is no objection to including fats in the daily diet, but it is taken into account that they are from healthy sources, such as nuts, fatty fish, olive oil, flaxseeds, chia seeds and avocados.

Dina stressed the need to take care of walking on a daily basis, because it is one of the simple sports that plays a major role in losing weight and burning fat stored in the body.

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It also recommended drinking an abundant amount of water throughout the day, ranging from 3 to 4 liters, while avoiding soft drinks, as they contain a high percentage of sugars and high calories, and replacing them with herbal tea.

According to her, the salt added to food should be reduced as much as possible, to avoid fluid retention in the body, and to stop consuming white sugar completely.

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She concluded her speech by pointing out the importance of eating boiled or grilled foods, because frying food in ghee or oil raises its calories and gives it high levels of saturated fat.

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