Lourdes Sánchez had a tense confrontation with Pampito: “They always throw at me with everything”

2023-09-20 23:46:24

What seemed like an innocent interview ended up becoming a tense confrontation between Lourdes Sánchez and Pampito Perelló Aciar in Intruders.

The conflict arose when the panelist made comments about Lourdes’ performance in the Dancing 2023suggesting that she was “comfortable” because she was the wife of Chato Prada, producer of the cycle.

Sánchez began by defending himself against the criticism he has received about his participation in Marcelo Tinelli’s dance competition, stating that he is not asking for any favors and that everything he has achieved is due to his own effort and merit. Pampito argued that she had only expressed her opinion that she should appear less “well-off” on the show, but she had not claimed that she actually was.

The discussion became more intense when the dancer accused the journalist of being “a compulsive shit shooter” and of being aggressive in his comments. Pampito defended his right to express her opinion and mentioned a previous conflict between the two when he was a reporter and Lourdes had interfered with her coverage of the Dancing.

Sánchez emphasized that his presence in La Flia, the production company behind the Dancingit was not due to her relationship with her husband but to her talent and personal effort.

“I said that you had to prove something else because they were going to say that. At some point I thought about it because we had a problem. I said that Lourdes had a fixed score and I couldn’t enter La Flia for a long time,” Pampito said.

Very angry, Lourdes clarified once again that she strives to show something different on television. “I’m not there because I’m the wife of… It’s because I want her to look pretty. It’s horrible that they’re pulling that on you all the time,” the dancer closed, furious.

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