“Love, Music and Age Difference: The Story of Lou and Vanessa”

2023-05-21 17:40:00

Vanessa, his 26-year-old girlfriend, is the only female Michaël Jackson look-alike in Belgium. – AD

51 years separate you, have you asked yourself the question of the age difference?

Lou: “I asked myself the question, she didn’t, but there is tenderness, brothel! And then in show business, it’s more accepted than in other circles.

Vanessa: “At the beginning, our age difference was hardly accepted by those around me, but in the end they saw that I was happy, that Lou is a good person and that was no longer a problem”.

Lou, you are often in Thailand, how do you manage the distance in your relationship?

Lou: “My production house is in Thailand, I have the hit “Pataya Pataya” that everyone knows, so much so that people recognize me everywhere in the street when I’m there. As for distance, you have to get used to it in the relationship. »

Vanessa: “It was a little weird at first, I had trouble but over time, you get used to it”

Lou, what do you like most about Vanessa?

“She’s a smart (sic) pain in the ass, she’s pretty and so positive, it’s exciting! It’s important to surround yourself with positive people, there are so many grumpy people in this era that I don’t really like. But to tell the truth, feelings are something that we don’t manage too much, they are uncontrollable impulses.

And you Vanessa, what did you like the most about Lou?

“The first thing is the feeling we had from the start, and then his kindness, the big heart he has. He helps people around him, he’s a really good person.”

Vanessa, did you listen to Lou’s songs before your relationship?

“One day I saw a picture of Lou and asked my parents who he was. They then told me his story and I started to listen to his titles and I found it really very good. It’s a style that reminds me of South America”.

Lou, how does it feel to be with a Michael Jackson look-alike?

“I feel younger! She gives me a youthful look with her swinging side »

Is a collaboration on stage imaginable between you?

Lou: “That’s the goal, she’ll already be part of the next video clips I’m going to shoot and then I’ll be present on her show”.

You’ve been together for a year now, do you have any plans?

Vanessa: “No children, but marriage is possible”

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