“Lowcostcosplay” cosplay A passerby of cosplay Lowcostcosplay returns to cosplay with cosplay

The Thai internet celebrity “Lowcostcosplay”, who cosplays various anime movies and real-life celebrities at low cost, has already become a household name in recent years. His works and even his own emojis have become internet memes and memes, so some people think Cosplay Lowcost cosplay is no surprise.Um? what did i see?

Recently, a dude who looks like Lowcostcosplay appeared on Facebook and other SNS, posted the same 4-frame photo, took care of makeup and made Cosplay into Lowcostcosplay. At first glance, why did Lowcostcosplay want to cosplay himself, and it took a long time to learn about Lowcostcosplay himself. Confirm, even he doesn’t know this Cosplay’s own netizen.

Because I often cosplay others, now it’s finally someone else’s turn to cosplay myself, which also made many netizens laugh and say that this is a feng shui turn.

However, Lowcostcosplay plays the true spirit of cosplay. Soon, Lowcost cosplay returned to Cosplay with Cosplay on the same day as Cosplay, Cosplay’s own brother. He further said: “It’s really hard to act like him.”

It’s not surprising that internet celebrities are being targeted for parody or cosplay, after all, wherever a meme goes, people flock to it, like nuns and fish. As for this cosplay, which is like a Russian nesting doll, it has quickly become a laughing stalk of fans recently.

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