What’s in the world of cosplay after gorgeous costumes

In a report published in February 2021 by Allied Market Research, a US-based market research and consulting firm, the market size cosplay costume The global market is projected to grow to $23 billion by 2030. With the development of the world, cosplay is gradually being loved and accepted more and more. The number of participants … Read more

“Marian” Goddess of Victory: NIKKE by Indonesian female cosplayer Roxanne Kho. Tell me that you can crush it again!

Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 6:03:15 PM Indochina time The trend continues to be strong with the most bouncy games. Goddess of Victory: NOD that now we start to see girls Come out to cosplay more and more. And today I would like to present this beautiful Indonesian cosplayer! you Roxanne Kho has shown off her … Read more

“Russia’s Hatsune Miku” is “disgusted” and “doesn’t want to see” slander Responds to criticism of Japanese-style makeup: J-CAST News[Full text]

Popular cosplayer Saya Scarlet, dubbed “Russia’s Hatsune Miku,” revealed on Twitter that she’s been criticized for wearing Japanese-style makeup. From Saya Scarlet’s Instagram “Do Japanese people really feel uncomfortable when they see my face and makeup?” Saya is a cosplayer living in Russia with about 199,000 Twitter followers. In 2017, when she was featured in … Read more

“Lowcostcosplay” cosplay A passerby of cosplay Lowcostcosplay returns to cosplay with cosplay

The Thai internet celebrity “Lowcostcosplay”, who cosplays various anime movies and real-life celebrities at low cost, has already become a household name in recent years. His works and even his own emojis have become internet memes and memes, so some people think Cosplay Lowcost cosplay is no surprise.Um? what did i see? Recently, a dude … Read more

Pre-registration of “Little Sister in Chief” opens today- Hong Kong mobile game network GameApps.hk

This Jianghu is a bit sweet, “Little Junior Sister in Chief” pre-login is open today Gameone Group Limited officially announced today that its mobile game “Little Sister in Chief” is currently in the final preparation stage and is expected to be launched on dual-platform stores in the near future. Pre-registration will be officially launched today! … Read more

C100 topic “Gundam is watching Chunwu Lala Doujinben” Former Coser: I was just looking at the Doujinben and it was written as news | 4Gamers

Comiket 100, which was grandly held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Hall in Japan this year, came to an end, and many tidbits of the exhibition hall became a topic on the Internet in the following days. Hot discussion. Yes, this Coser is the Japanese netizen zgokzogok who created the first-generation Gundam outfit at home … Read more