Mizu Ottawa: Taking Indonesian Cosplay to the Global Stage

2023-10-04 10:02:59


No Mizu Ottawa not just any new costume player (cosplayer). The man whose real name is Michael Tanuwijaya has traveled the world on the cosplay stage since 2011 and brought Indonesia to the global stage.

Mizu Otawa tells of her beginnings in the world cosplay while trying to make a costume for a character he likes. “From stage to stage, starting from the Jakarta Toys and Fair in 2011, I learned to make my own cosplay and took part in local cosplay competitions,” he said when met in the Fatmawati area, South Jakarta, Thursday (4/10/2023).

Since the beginning of cosplay, Mizu has created local characters, including Barong and Hanoman. However, he made it more modern and contemporary.

It is from the local characters of Barong and Hanoman that they can make their name increasingly global and make Indonesia proud.

“For the Barong character, I was trusted by the Ministry of Education and Culture to go to Frankfurt to represent Indonesia at the pop culture event there,” he said.

In 2019, Mizuki Otawa also took part in the Chicago Comic Con event and competed against international cosplayers. “Yesterday I also represented Indonesia in a match against Japan, so I always participate every year,” said the man from Jakarta.

According to Mizu Otawa’s story, nowadays there are many lovers of Japanese culture whose hobby is becoming professional cosplayers. Even from a cosplayer, this income can be sufficient.

“Until now I have been a professional cosplayer. For some people it may still be taboo and it only exists in one community. I know very well how a cosplayer struggles to become known to the world, how difficult it is to try to find sponsors and even have to pay for it myself. With so many “Events for cosplayers can open up opportunities for the world of cosplayers,” he said.

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Until now, he admits that he is still learning how to make costumes that are not hot, cool and environmentally friendly. As much as possible, Mizuki made costume materials that were cool and didn’t make him hot.

“It’s a bit difficult to make materials here to reduce the climate, but as much as possible, make materials that can absorb sweat, considering that the climate in Indonesia is really hot, right? That’s why I can only stay strong when I cosplay for up to 5 hours, because it’s breathless and requires practice too,” he said. .

Mizu Otawa is one of the highlights of the ANIMART Indonesia event which will take place this weekend on 7-8 October 2023 at Wisma Serbaguna, Senayan, Central Jakarta.

Watch the Video “The Excitement of the 2023 West Java Festival Cosplay Competition”

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