Android Number 18 Cosplay: Transforming into the Dragon Ball Character with Style and Impact

2023-07-23 15:07:00

When we talk about cosplay, Android Number 18 is surely one of the most interpreted in Dragon Ball and the world of anime in general. That is why the models look for ways to innovate to generate an impact on the followers they have on social networks.

That is the case of Pamdroid 18, that by its name we can already anticipate which is your favorite character. The Austrian model posts a video on social media of her in which she transforms into Android Number 18.

Little by little he is dressing in the first costume of the character in Dragon Ball Z. The skirt and jean vest accompanies the black leggings and the striped shirt on the sleeves. She ends by adding the android’s particular hairstyle: short blonde hair.

Despite debuting in Dragon Ball as a villain, after the Battle of Cell, Number 18 experiences a significant change in her life.

After Cell’s defeat and the restoration of the world, she begins to integrate into society and adjust to a more normal life. Although she is still an android with extraordinary abilities, her focus is no longer on destruction, but on living as a human.

He develops a romantic relationship with Krillin, one of the Z Fighters who fought valiantly during the Battle of Cell. Despite initial differences, their love blossoms and they marry, forming a happy family. They have a daughter they name Marron, and Number 18 strives to be a loving and protective mother.

As time passes, Number 18 and Krillin continue to be an active part of the Z Fighters group. Although the threats to Earth are not as intense as during the Cell saga, they still face new enemies and challenges.

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