Index – Culture – The creator of Dragon Ball has died

Akira Toriyama, the creator of one of the most influential and best-selling Japanese manga of all time, Dragon Ball, has died, writes the BBC. Akira Toriyama had an acute subdural hematoma, meaning blood pooled under the meninges. Dragon Ball is hugely popular worldwide, and a cartoon and film version were also born from the comic … Read more

From “Hogwarts Legacy” to “Assassin’s Creed”, what are the big games available on the Switch?

2023-11-12 07:02:10 In March 2017, Nintendo revolutionized the video game industry with the Switch: a hybrid console, which can be used in portable mode or connected to a television screen. More importantly, this machine was able to rely on very big titles from Nintendo studios from its launch, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath … Read more

Exclusive Collaboration: 1/4 Scale Dragon Ball Cammy Android 18 Figure – A Collector’s Dream!

2023-11-01 15:27:51 Lovers of collectible figures have an exciting reason to rejoice, as the manufacturer Lazydog Studio and the distributor Statues GK come together to present a truly one-of-a-kind independent figure. This special collectible figure fuses two iconic characters from the worlds of anime and video games: Android 18 from the Dragon Ball franchise y … Read more

Vegeta’s Ultra Ego Transformation: Unlocking Unstoppable Power in Dragon Ball Super

2023-07-23 21:33:00 At the conclusion of the Tournament of Power saga in Dragon Ball Super, fans were shocked when Goku achieved his Ultra Instinct transformation. This sparked speculation as to whether Vegeta would eventually achieve a similar level to match his main rival. Well Toyotaro had plans for the character. During the Moro saga, Gohan … Read more

Dragon Ball is invading Fortnite in new crossover

Epic Games remains committed to carrying out major crossovers in Fortnite, increasing the game’s universe and possibilities more and more. Tomorrow (31), the studio will announce another partnership with Dragon Ball, with the famous manga / anime invading the battle royle island again. Although more detailed information about the crossover has not yet been revealed, … Read more

Dragon Ball FighterZ: PS5 and Xbox Series X and S versions with netcode rollback announced, Frenchman Wawa wins the EVO 2022 competition!

You know, it’s this weekend that takes place l’EVO 2022 in Las Vegasdont the line-up includes among other things Dragon Ball FighterZ. Good news, it is the Frenchman Marwan “Wawa” Berthe who has just won the final of the tournament dedicated to the game Bandai Namco ! You can watch the last moments of his … Read more