Vegeta’s Ultra Ego Transformation: Unlocking Unstoppable Power in Dragon Ball Super

2023-07-23 21:33:00

At the conclusion of the Tournament of Power saga in Dragon Ball Super, fans were shocked when Goku achieved his Ultra Instinct transformation. This sparked speculation as to whether Vegeta would eventually achieve a similar level to match his main rival.

Well Toyotaro had plans for the character. During the Moro saga, Gohan made the decision to escape to the planet Yardrat to train his ki and learn the teleportation technique. To everyone’s surprise, it wouldn’t be the only technique he would learn or lesson he would take home.

It would only be in the Granola saga, where we would see its full potential. Vegeta was facing Gas Heata, Elec’s brother, who gained a new level of power thanks to his wish on the dragon from the planet Cereal. He was so powerful this rival that he was able to face Goku Ultra Instinct and Vegeta in his Ultra Ego or Mega Ego transformation.

What is Vegeta’s Ultra Ego transformation?

Unlike Goku, the character does not have raised hair, but is painted pink or purple and his ki takes this same color. At first glance, he doesn’t seem to be much stronger than Goku, as he doesn’t have the impressive speed or surprising punches.

Vegeta’s real trick is his staying power. With each hit he receives, the character becomes stronger and stronger. No matter if he takes deadly damage, he will always find the strength to get up and keep fighting. Neither blood nor the techniques of his rivals can take him out of combat.

Unfortunately, Toei Animation has not yet confirmed the date of the return of the Dragon Ball anime to the small screen. Toyotaro has already closed the Granola saga and is now developing the “Super Hero” arc, where the story of the most recent film is adapted.

According to rumors, in 2023 the date of Goku and Vegeta’s return to television could be announced.

Vegeta grows stronger with each hit he receives. Photo: Manga Plus

Vegeta Ultra Ego would look like this in the anime

The artist has shared on Instagram a version of Vegeta Ultra Ego in the style of classic anime, where blood could be shown. The character has part of his armor broken and the damage from the combat blows can be seen on his body.

But as mentioned before, this only makes it even stronger.

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