Luc Besson Opens Up About Rape Accusations and the Importance of Justice

2023-09-26 20:36:10

Luc Besson has been at the heart of the news in recent months. Sand Van Roy, an actress, filed a complaint against the director for rape. Facts which, according to his words, occurred on May 18, 2018 following a meeting at the Le Bristol hotel in Paris. Luc Besson first benefited from a dismissal of the case in December 2021 and this was confirmed on appeal a few months later. The director was a guest on the show Do not touch My TV, this Tuesday, September 26. Cyruil Hanouna took advantage of this interview to discuss the rape trial of his guest. “When there are these accusations, how do you tell your wife?”first asked the host. “The problem is that one part, I am not innocent”began Luc Besson before specifying: “I had an extramarital affair so I didn’t deny it. There is a certain point, to be able to say that the accusations are not true, you also have to be able to say what is true, especially with your family”. For the director, the most important thing was to be honest with his family, even if the truth hurts.

Luc Besson affirms that telling the truth to his children was the most complicated. “I suffered ten times more for my wife and my children than for myself”he says before continuing: “Children are terrible because they were little. They had an image of love that was quite perfect”. The director remembers having “cried a lot” but he was able to count on the support of his wife. “She is exceptional. She helped me win back the hearts of my children”he says, also specifying: “I’m very lucky, I don’t have to say anything, she’s just perfect”. The latter, however, gave him “full mouth” but Luc Besson assures that it was necessary. “You have to understand, know love exactly where it is, how it works”, he confided. Today, the 64-year-old says he is a proud father of his children. “They are wonderful and that makes me very happy,” he declares before attacking the media who spoke about his family publicly. “I’m not condemning them but when you have your children and your wife who haven’t done anything and that’s terrible…he concluded.

Luc Besson: “I admire justice”

During this interview, Luc Besson spoke about the rape accusations he was subjected to. The latter first explains: “When it hits me, I don’t say anything to myself. I’m trying to meet, because first, when you are innocent and have done nothing, quite quickly, you tell yourself that there is only one justice”. The director was counting on justice to exonerate him. “We have to go and face the police, the judges and simply tell the truth. It takes a long time, five years, five judges but I admire the work they have done”, he then declared, praising the work of professionals. For Luc Besson, the police and justice, which we can sometimes “find imperfect are irreplaceable”, he concluded. As a reminder, the husband of Virginie Besson-Silla benefited from a dismissal of the case.

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