Lucas Fendrich: “The couch comes from my parents’ house” – Design & Interior

2023-06-08 18:00:00

“My grandma has been collecting small ceramic dogs for years – so I’m not completely unencumbered with the subject and I’m always on the lookout for such small dogs for her. Two years ago I was walking through Vienna with the children and saw this rather large dog in the display of a junk shop. I said: ‘We’ll go in there now and buy the Amadeus, it’ll be our dog.’
Since then he has had a permanent place in our apartment – as the only pet, although it cannot be ruled out that Amadeus will have puppies one day. But I don’t want to do a collection to anyone. The next time I visited my grandma, I told her about my purchase and that I even gave it a name. That’s when I found out that she not only numbers and dates her dogs, but also gives them names, which are noted on a small plaque on the bottom of the figures.” (ped)

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