A company in Dubai sells the world’s most expensive red ruby

2023-06-08 17:07:14

The Fiora James company, headquartered in Dubai, sold the world’s most expensive red ruby, “The Estrella de Fiora”, for 127.8 million dirhams ($34.8 million).

According to what was reported by the “Bloomberg” news agency, “The Estrella de Fiora” was sold at an auction in New York, which was held by the world-famous “Sotheby’s” auction company.

The agency stated that the identity of the buyer of the ruby ​​has not yet been disclosed.

Fiora James had found the sapphire less than a year ago, specifically last July, in one of its mines in Mozambique, and its original weight at that time was 101 carats, but its weight was reduced to 55.2 carats for the purpose of facilitating the logistical process of selling at auction. .

It is worth noting that the ruby ​​u200bu200b”The Estrella de Fiora” was shown extensively on a world tour that included several cities, including Dubai.

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