Luciano Vallejos added his fourth victory and it is serious business

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Can someone with him? Luciano Vallejos took a liking to the highest step of the podium, which he returned to last night after taking over the ninth round of the 2021/22 Midget Summer Championship, played at the Héctor Evaristo Plano.

Luchito, author of the second best time in the semifinals, crowned his fourth success of the contest, which not only makes him the man to beat but, as if that were not enough, he secured twelve points for the start of the playoff, an instance that will define the champion of the summer cycle.

It was not the best start for machine No. 6, which swept the nose in the first few meters and lost ground to the reappeared Gustavo Zennaro, winner of the third semifinal, and Fernando Caputo, who took the lead.

It took a short time for Vallejos to seize the first position. This happened coming out of the pits corner, before the first lap was completed, accelerating close to the rope and taking advantage of the fact that Gustavo was concerned about covering Feti’s external advance.

From then on, while behind the great advance of Emiliano Urretabiscaya, once again with a solid and regular leading edge, Vallejos took care to turn fast and complete the total of laps, in order to crown another perfect night in this tournament.

Behind, and completing the podium, Urretabiscaya arrived, crowning his second consecutive podium (he had just won), and the aforementioned Feti, of good and much-needed points to get closer to the 12 best in the championship.

They completed the classification of the conclusive test: Braian Altamirano, Gustavo Zennaro, Leonel Ramos, Gabriel Schiebelbein, Sebastián Burgos, Juan Cruz Rodríguez, Matías Lastra Meler, Gastón Pérez and Esteban Mancini.

With these results, Luciano Vallejos (unofficial) continues to escape at the top of the positions. In addition to another perfect night, the No. 6 machine took advantage of the fact that again neither Luciano Franchi nor Claudio Roth shone on the eve.

The end of the date:

The Feti appeared as a great candidate

With a solid and fast gait, Fernando Caputo had the best time in the semifinals after dominating the first with a time of 1m 36s 381, thus achieving the privilege of choosing before anyone else for the final of the night.

Luciano Vallejos, dominator of the second (1m 36s 800); a surprising Gustavo Zennaro, winner of the third (1m 36s 978), and Emiliano Urretabiscaya, winner of the last (1m 38s 570), will be the other members of the first row.

Special mention for the fourth and last, which Urreta found in the last meters after a mechanical problem in Esteban Mancini’s machine No. 7 (carburetor), who dominated the partial from start to finish.

The Medanense abruptly slowed down in the pit curve, meters from the flag, a circumstance that Fernando Bonivardo, Duckling’s escort at that time, could not overcome, who got hooked on the yellow “Wasp” and lost two positions.

The monkey came down from the palm tree

As in his good moments, the local Gastón Pérez was in charge of opening the fire in series, dominating the second preliminary with 1m 18s 511, a record that, in addition to reaffirming his mechanical and conductive recovery, guaranteed him the privilege box for the first semifinal.

Braian Altamirano, winner of the third (1m 18s 655); Sebastián Pérez, winner of a sixth (1m 19s 156) and Gabriel Schiebelbein, triumphant in the fourth (1m 19s 235), completed the four best times of the night.

Bad fortune again for Claudio Roth, third in the contest, who for the second consecutive date could not be in the series game.

This time, the Russian had to drop out of the fifth series due to transmission problems after the first start (he ran into Gustavo Orozco).

Roy Altamirano, runner-up in the category, also suffered mechanical problems, although the Kitten did not even manage to take a competitive turn after suffering a broken bearing.

A total of 90 machines attended the ninth program (lowest number so far this tournament), last before the summer break. Upon returning, the summer cycle will face the last three dates of the regular stage, which will define the championships for the title.

The color data of the day is that, on a day like today, but 22 years ago, the first midgista competition was held in the oval of Aldea Romana, which was held by Walter Renero.



–First: 1) Fernando Caputo, 1m 19s 483; 2) Valentín Balducci, 1m 21s 301 and 3) Juan Ignacio Calvo, 1m 22s 063.

–Second: 1) Gastón Pérez, 1m 18s 511; 2) Nicolás Macazaga, 1m 21s 839 and 3) Martín Camilli, 1m 22s 188.

–Third: 1) Braian Altamirano, 1m 18s 655; 2) Leonel Ramos, 1m 19s 885 and 3) Matías Enríquez Merino, 1m 21s 580.

– Fourth: 1) Gabriel Schiebelbein, 1m 19s 235; 2) Esteban Mancini, 1m 20s 069 and 3) Marcelo Ausili, 1m 21s 399.

– Fifth: 1) Luciano Franchi, 1m 20s 760; 2) Ramiro Alza, 1m 22s 617 and 3) Javier Rouaix, 1m 22s 801.

– Sixth: 1) Sebastián Pérez, 1m 19s 156; 2) Leiza Grill, 1m 20s 272 and 3) Matías Lastra Meler, 1m 21s 749.

–Seventh: 1) Gastón Petracci, 1m 20s 517; 2) Lucas De Acharán, 1m 24s 086 and 3) Jonathan Zapata, 1m 26s 109.

–Octava: 1) Brian Dupont, 1m 21s 999; 2) Eros Paglialunga, 1m 22s 367 y 3) Nicolás Caputo, 1m 23s 447.

–Ninth: 1) Emiliano Urretabiscaya, 1m 21s 678; 2) Julián Melger, 1m 23s 343 and 3) Lucas Grill, 1m 24s 137.

– Tenth: 1) Luciano Vallejos, 1m 19s 493; 2) Fernando Bonivardo, 1m 21s 159 and 3) Joaquín Andrade, 1m 23s 510.

– Eleventh: 1) Juan Cruz Rodríguez; 2) Sebastián Burgos and 3) Fabián Colturi.

– Twelfth: 1) Hernán Molini, 1m 22s 199; 2) Matías Oyola, 1m 22s 510 and 3) Marcelo Pérez, 1m 24s 839.


–First: 1) Gonzalo Brezina; 2) Mauro Acuña and 3) Yago Sabanés.

–Second: 1) Lucas De Acharán; 2) Diego Anastasio and 3) Axel Antinori.

–Third party: 1) Marcelo Pérez; 2) Daniel Frit and 3) Lucas Grill.

–Fourth: 1) Fabián Colturi; 2) Alan Renero and 3) Nicolás Palma.


–First: 1) Fernando Caputo, 1m 36s 381; 2) Gastón Pérez, 1m 37s 181 and 3) Matías Lastra Meler, 1m 37s 823.

–Second: 1) Luciano Vallejos, 1m 36s 800; 2) Braian Altamirano, 1m 38s 063 and 3) Juan Cruz Rodríguez, 1m 39s 363.

–Third: 1) Gustavo Zennaro, 1m 36s 978; 2) Leonel Ramos, 1m 38s 669 and 3) Matías Enríquez Merino, 1m 39s 624.

– Fourth: 1) Emiliano Urretabiscaya, 1m 38s 570; 2) Gabriel Schiebelbein, 1m 38s 892 and 3) Esteban Mancini, 1m 39s 397.


–Positions: 1) Sebastián Burgos; 2) Esteban Mancini and 3) Matías Enríquez Merino.


–Positions: 1) Luciano Vallejos; 2) Emiliano Urretabiscaya; 3) Fernando Caputo; 4) Braian Altamirano; 5) Gustavo Zennaro; 6) Leonel Ramos; 7) Gabriel Schiebelbein; 8) Sebastián Burgos; 9) Juan Cruz Rodríguez; 10) Matías Lastra Meler; 11) Gastón Pérez and 12) Esteban Mancini.


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