Lucy Letby Appeals Conviction for UK Newborn Murders: Latest Updates and Details

2023-09-15 16:43:49

English nurse Lucy Letby, sentenced in August to life in prison for the murders of seven newborns, a case which sparked fear in the United Kingdom, wishes to appeal her conviction, British justice announced on Friday .

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Lucy Letby, aged 33, was found guilty by Manchester court (north) of the murder of seven premature newborns and six attempted murders in the hospital where she worked.

Although she denied the murders during the long months that her trial lasted, she was sentenced to irreducible life imprisonment, a very rare sentence in English law.

On Friday, the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal said the nurse had submitted a request for appeal, which must still be accepted by a judge before it can be heard.

The appeal concerns all of the charges for which she was convicted.

Separately, a hearing is scheduled for September 25, during which the prosecutor’s office must decide whether to request a new trial for six attempted baby murders for which the jury in his trial could not reach to a verdict.

The murders for which Lucy Letby was convicted, becoming the worst child killer in modern UK history, took place between June 2015 and June 2016.

She notably injected air intravenously into premature newborns, used their nasogastric tubes to send air or an overdose of milk into their stomachs.

Lucy Letby attacked babies after their parents left, when the nurse in charge walked away, or at night when she was alone. She then sometimes joined collective efforts to save newborns, even assisting desperate parents.

Her absence in court the day she was found guilty, then during the hearing where her sentence was pronounced, sparked indignation and anger among the victims’ families.

In the process, the government announced that it would legislate to force people accused of serious crimes to appear in court.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health announced the launch of an investigation to examine the circumstances surrounding the death of Lucy Letby’s victims, in particular the attitude of the hospital management, which would have been alerted in 2015, while the nurse was only arrested in 2019.

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