Luka Doncic in New York this Saturday

Like every week on TrashTalk, find the complete program for the next seven days, to arrive at work with the face of a zombie and the breath of a grandmother who has just eaten a can of not fresh herring. While waiting for some potential updates, here is the signed menu beIN Sports.

Between the NBA and the Football World Cup, we’re squatting on the sofa a lot at the moment and it’s not yet this week that things will calm down. We will be entitled to big duels from the Eastern Conference to end November well. Sixers – Hawks and Raptors – Cavs on Monday, Cavs – Sixers and the mythical rivalry between Boston and Miami on Wednesday. On Friday, Giannis Antetokounmpo will host the King. We do not really know who owns the crown, but this match-up still symbolizes the transmission of power from one generation to another. But the good news of the week is that we will have the right to rave about Magic Luka visiting New York. The Slovenian is on fire and we are expecting a new historic performance from him at Madison Square Garden, especially on a Saturday at 6:30 p.m. This schedule is a bit of an early Christmas present…

On the night of Monday November 28

  • Philadelphia Sixers – Atlanta Hawks at 1am (beIN 3)
  • Toronto Raptors – Cleveland Cavaliers at 1:30 (beIN 4)

On the night of Tuesday, November 29

  • Dallas Mavericks – Golden State Warriors at 1:30 (beIN 3)

On the night of Wednesday November 30

  • Cleveland Cavaliers – Philadelphia 76ers at 1h (beIN 4)
  • Boston Celtics – Miami Heat at 1:30 (beIN 3)
  • Sacramento Kings – Indiana Pacers at 4 p.m. (beIN 4)

On the night of Thursday, December 1

  • Detroit Pistons – Dallas Mavericks at 4am (beIN 3)

On the night of Friday, December 2

  • Milwaukee Bucks – Los Angeles Lakers à 1h (beIN 3)
  • Memphis Grizzlies – Philadelphia Sixers at 2am (beIN 4)

On the night of Saturday December 3

  • New York Knicks – Dallas Mavericks at 6:30 p.m. (beIN 3)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – Oklahoma City Thunder 2pm (beIN 4)

On the night of Sunday December 4

  • New Orleans Pelicans – Denver Nuggets à 21h30 (beIN 4)
  • New York Knicks – Cleveland Cavaliers à 0h (beIN 5)

We kindly print the program beIN Sports, we display it in the entrance or at the office, and so we don’t miss a drop of what will be offered during the next 7 days on the channel! Meanwhile, we’re going to buy some coffee…

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