Luton Town Beats Coventry 6-5 on Penalties in EFL Championship Playoff Finals 2022/23

2023-05-27 19:11:00

Coventry v Luton: Result 1-1 (5-6 penalties) | Championship Playoff Finals Had to duel to the Supreme Court after 120 minutes, tied 1-1, finally “Luton Town” beating the penalty spot “Coventry” 6-5, winning a ticket to move up to the Premier League as the third team after Bur Naley and Sheffield United meanwhile, for the first time in 31 years, Luton has returned to play in the top flight again.

Football EFL Championship 2022/23

Coventry 1-1 Luton.(penalty 5-6)

Football EFL Championship 2022/23 On Saturday, May 27, 2023 at Wembley Stadium It’s a playoff game. final between Luton Town meet with Coventry City

GOAL!! The game started 23 minutes ago, Luton scored a 1-0 lead from the moment Eliya Adebayo passed the ball from the left into the center. Jordan Clarke Tap the ball into the penalty area. before hitting the left, sending the ball to the first post into the goal with decisive action

29 minutes Luton almost scored the second goal, Carlton Morris scored in the penalty area. The ball caught blocking the Coventry defender. Bounced into the way of Eliya Adebayo, shot in the center of the penalty area without a man. But the shot is not good, the ball is out of the frame unfortunately. Before the end of the first half with a score, Luton led Coventry 1-0.

GOAL!! The second half, 66 minutes, Coventry successfully equalized from the counterattack, Victor Gugueres fell to the left. before paying the ball to the center Gustavo Hamer Has hit the area on the penalty area line into the goal The score returned to a draw 1-1.

After that, the game picture is quite close. with each side having the opportunity to win the door together But none of the teams scored more goals after 90 minutes, tied 1-1, having to fight in extra time for another 30 minutes.

Extra time, 118 minutes, Jonathan Panso, Coventry defensive line Missed the ball in front of the penalty area itself, causing hit by Luton striker Joe Taylor. snatch the ball into the net But the referee didn’t let it be a goal. Because before that the ball hit Taylor’s hand as a handball stroke.

After 120 minutes, the score was still at 1-1, causing the winner to be determined with a penalty shoot-out. The result showed that the first 5 people of both teams shot everyone until reaching the 6th person, which was a sudden shot. Luton’s Thdan Potts fired in and Coventry’s Fangati Dabo fired over the crossbar as Luton Town beat Coventry 6-5 on penalties.

howeverThe Hatters Luton Town They are the 3rd team from the Championship League. Who has been promoted to the Premier League next season from the champion and the runner-up is Burnley and Sheffield United In addition, for the first time in 31 years, Luton will be able to show the pace in the top league again. Since relegation in 1992, when the league was still called Division 1

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