Magaly Medina criticizes Tilsa Lozano for speaking like an Argentine: “The biggest tormented” celebrity | SHOWS

He doesn’t forgive you for anything! harshly criticized Tilsa Lozano after seeing a video where he is seen speaking with a marked Argentine accent. The ‘Urraca’ did not hesitate to talk about the ‘Tili’.

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In the video, published by Lozano herself, you can see how she caresses a horse and says: “Coquito, esha how to shama”Jackson Mora’s fiancee is heard.

The images caused the laughter of the journalist, who did not hesitate to leave a message to the model: “That thing that comes out of you (the Argentine accent) is something controllable. Because otherwise, Macarena Gastlado, who lives for years; she would speak like a Peruvian (…) The biggest troublemaker, but she has us used to it, with which others will come out before the wedding “concluded Magaly.

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Peluchín makes fun of Tilsa Lozano

, Argentina, before her long-awaited wedding to Jackson Mora. The former Avenger shared on social networks how she passed it, although she was the target of ridicule after her accent changed in less than a week.

In the videos that were posted on his official account of Instagramshows how he spent it with his family, like some animals. “How do you know ‘shama’?”Lozano asks. Although, the way of speaking was different than usual, since his Peruvian accent had become Argentine.

Given this, Peluchin and Gigi Miter They began to mock in Love and Fire how the former Avenger spoke in her stories, where both presenters imitated her. “‘Esha’ is greeting the ‘cabasho’. What is the ‘cabasho’ called?”Peluchin joked. “I can’t anymore with this ridiculous”he opined.


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