Magaly Medina offers to help Samuel Suárez in the possible trial of Janet Barboza: “I’m going as your witness” | Magaly Tv La Firme | entertainment | SHOWS

Magaly Medina was more than pleased with Samuel Suarez this Friday, when she commented that the creator of Instarándula stood up for her when Janet Barboza called her “petty” for saying that the news of Tommy Portugal’s daughter was her exclusive.

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“I thank Samuel Suárez. I don’t need anyone to defend me because I turn a deaf ear to many comments and criticisms. Samu wanted to clarify because since he has worked in entertainment programs, he knows how it works ”limited the magpie, referring to the words of the journalist who indicated that many of his colleagues are attentive to Magaly Tv La Firme to bounce their contents.

In that sense, she considered that it is good to know that someone recognizes her without any pettiness. I am the most generous woman in the world because I am not complaining when my grades are taken, they cost us hereit’s not easy, it’s blood, sweat, tears, renegades, people have to wake up and it turns out that one has the scoop and others are sitting down to see how they get the juice out of it “narrowed down

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Magaly Medina showed his solidarity Find after Janet Barboza called him to threaten him with a complaint for describing her as a ‘scavenger’. “This is lowliness… scavenger is well said, it’s your opinion. The day they prosecute you I will go as your witness and show the context. Thank you Samu, I thank you and I apologize because that is not expected from a person who is in front of cameras. Lowness like that must be left to other types of people, but it’s a shame that Gisela has hired those people to work by her side, a shame because they are addressed to a large audience of housewives “, said the magpie.


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