Magaly Medina was going to interview John Kelvin: “He asked for money and suddenly he chickened out, he said he was afraid of me” Dalia Durán Magaly TV: La Firme Farándula RMMN | SHOWS

He backed off. revealed last Friday night that the singer accused of assault, agreed to go to her program “Magaly TV: La Firme” and sit in front of her to be interviewed, but in the end she regretted it.

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The journalist took a few minutes to tell viewers that the production of the space that leads by ATV He offered the singer money to attend and at first he agreed, but then changed his mind.

“John Kelvin said he was coming on the show, he asked for the money, he was told, we’ll give you the money, perfect! She was going to record the promo for the show and suddenly she chickened out. Suddenly she said that, that she was afraid of me ”, told the ‘Magpie’.

“Were you afraid of me? How was she not afraid of Dalia when he grabbed her and almost slaughtered her? I must have been afraid of that (…) Cowardly people must be reminded that they are cowards”, added.

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“Even John Kelvin met with my producer, but the same day he told him no, because he’s afraid: ‘I’m afraid of Mrs. Magaly.’ Let’s see sit here with me Ha! Anyway”, ended on the subject.

Magaly Medina made this confidence when she was talking about Samantha Batallanos, who after being caught kissing Jonathan Maicelo and Dulio Vallebuona, also confirmed that she would go into space, but ultimately backed down.


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