Magdolna Csath is confident that there will be 40 representatives who will support her candidacy for the head of state

Magdolna Csath (Photo: Kinga Facsinay)

He was approached by several intellectuals about the position of head of state, and then Mi Hazánk also came into the picture – Magdolna Csath, who was named by László Toroczkai as a candidate for the post of president of the republic, said to Magyar Hang’s inquiry.

“One of my conditions was to not be associated with this party in any way.” I have as many acquaintances in this party as in the LMP, he said. How will he be nominated? – It depends on whether there will be 40 representatives in the parliament who think I am suitable for this. This can only come together from several parties. If 40 people think so, it confirms that the idea was not bad. Then others will also have a say, given the two-thirds majority, said Magdolna Csath.

The economist’s words resonate with what was said in the announcement made by László Toroczkai, the president of Mi Hazánk, on Monday morning. The party chairman argued in favor of Magdolna Csath: it is time for a party member not to be the candidate, and Magdolna Csath is not a member of Mi Hazánk. And his career so far has won such wide social recognition “that he can even be a consensus candidate”.

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