Mai Helmy suddenly announces her engagement

surprised theFlagsEgyptianMay HelmyHer followers on social media revealed her engagement suddenly, by responding to a follower on her page.

In the details, one of her fans asked her a question about the most thing that would make her happy, to answer him: “When my fiancé opens me on a yacht.. but he said two months and Danish says the weather is getting cold.” Considering that she is trying to deceive her ex-husband, Muhammad Rashad.
Helmy did not reveal any details about her fiancé, and added: “I don’t want you to be upset with me, because I will not be able to answer any questions about who is coming or who is who and how and where. It is enough that I share my joy with you from my heart. I promise you, as soon as the right time comes, you will be happy.”
It is worth noting that Mai Helmy’s announcement of her engagement came a few days after her divorced artist, Mohamed Rashad, announced his marriage and published his photos with his fiancée.

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