Mainly attack mATX motherboard, Fractal Meshify 2 Mini case hands-on play

Although the main board is mATX, this case can also accommodate ITX motherboards.

The demand for ITX and mATX motherboards seems to be showing signs of growth, as we see many chassis brands launching products with related motherboard specifications in 2022; Fractal launched new products for its Meshify 2 and Define 7 series in August Cases – Mini & Nano.

Here we first take a look at the Meshify 2 Mini part; basically, the Mini and Nano are upgraded for mATX and ITX motherboards respectively. Except for the size difference, the appearance part is not much different.

Fractal Meshify 2 Mini or Nano are both available in black and white, but its white is not all white, but a part of black is mixed to give it some resemblance to pandas.

The detachable front panel has a built-in filter, which can be easily removed by the user for cleaning; in addition to the filter on the front panel, the top and bottom of the casing have filters that can be easily removed, allowing users to easily remove the filter. Clean the filter. In fact, the front panel can also be opened like a door without removing it completely for taking pictures.

The front I/O provides 1 USB-C Gen2 x2 and 2 USB 3.2 Gen2 x1 for common use; 2 3.5mm audio jacks, for users, this configuration is compared to the hybrid 3.5mm audio jack Much more convenient.

Meshify 2 Mini maintains a screw-free design, and the side panels and top cover can be easily removed.

Two 120mm fans can also be installed on the top, and it is not a big problem to install a 240mm integrated water cooling system; a 140mm fan is pre-installed on the front of the case. If it is removed, three 120mm fans or a 280mm one-piece can be installed in this position. Water cooling and heat dissipation, but this requires removing the hard disk rack at the bottom of the case, and also needs to take into account the space for the graphics card.

According to the data provided by Fractal, Meshify 2 Mini supports graphics cards up to 331mm in length. If a fan is installed, it can only support graphics cards up to 306mm in length.

The Meshify 2 Mini can accommodate 4 2.5″ SSDs or 2 2.5″ SSDs and 2 3.5″ HDDs if a hard drive bay is added.

However, if you are using a power supply up to 200mm long, you will have to remove the hard drive cage at the bottom of the case; either the Meshify 2 Mini or the Nano, they all support ATX-sized power supplies.

The power supply part uses a two-piece design, you need to lock the power supply on the bracket and then push it into the case.

Only mATX motherboards or ITX motherboards can be installed, but if you want to use ITX motherboards, it is recommended to choose the Nano series; the Mini part provides 4 PCI holes, while the Nano has only 2.

The graphics card power supply can be drilled through the hole covered by the power supply, which looks a little better.

In the process of installing Meshify 2, I did not encounter any difficult parts. The only thing is that if there are too many wires in the power supply, you may need to adjust the position of the hard disk rack at the bottom of the case, otherwise the wires will be quite difficult to load into the machine. space at the bottom of the shell. The detachable design of the top fan bracket also makes the entire installation process quite convenient.

The Fractal Meshify 2 series has not always emphasized RGB lighting effects. If you want lighting effects, you can replace the RGB fans yourself. After all, it is quite simple to replace the fans. As a final reminder, this case can support up to 7 120mm fans (one of which is at the bottom of the case), or 4 140mm fans.

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