Major police operation against mobile phones while driving: 252 license withdrawals in 12 days announces the Hal-Vilvoorde prosecutor’s office

The Hal-Vilvoorde public prosecutor’s office withdrew 252 driving licenses from drivers who used their mobile phones while driving in the district between May 1 and May 12, it reported on Monday afternoon. The drivers concerned will also have to answer for their actions before the police court in September.

The prosecution announced at the end of April the implementation of strict measures against the use of mobile phones while driving between May 1 and June 30. During this period, a driver caught by the police with a mobile phone or other electronic device while driving is immediately sanctioned with an eight-day license withdrawal.

A recent European survey showed that one out of four Belgian drivers reads or sends messages while driving, and that one out of six does not use a hands-free kit to telephone while driving. Controls aimed at combating this practice are more and more frequently organized by the police in Belgium.

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