Major Weapons Seizure in Gatineau: CBSA Crackdown on Illegal Firearms

2024-02-28 17:23:24

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) managed to get their hands on nearly a hundred weapons and ammunition that were stored in a residence in Gatineau, in Outaouais, after following the trail of a silencer which was imported into the country.

In Quebec, this is the largest seizure made in recent years by border services, confirmed Tony Dos Santos, deputy director of criminal investigations at the CBSA, Quebec region, at a press briefing.

A search was carried out on February 6 in a property in the Versant district, where border service agents went with the City of Gatineau Police Department.

On site, they found no less than 61 firearms, 13 prohibited weapons, 22 air guns, six silencers and six high-capacity magazines as well as ammunition.

Collector or importer?

Authorities were on the trail of the residence after a silencer was intercepted in a package caught at Toronto Pearson Airport’s commercial operations. The silencer was imported from China, according to Mr. Dos Santos.

The research made it possible to identify that the importer was from Gatineau and that he was linked to previous customs seizures for prohibited weapons.

The 62-year-old man was therefore arrested and released while the investigation and analysis of the seized goods continues. Charges will be laid with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC) at the conclusion of the investigation.

As of Wednesday, it was impossible for the CBSA to indicate the intentions of the Gatineau resident behind the possession of these weapons, in particular if he is a collector, hunter or if he intended to put them for sale.

“All hypotheses are good at this time,” said Mr. Dos Santos.

While the identification and tracing of weapons is underway, some of them have already been identified as coming from commercial manufacturers, particularly from the United States.

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