Make your car fit for spring | ARBÖ, 03/25/2023

Not only the house or the apartment is brought into shape in the spring, a spring cleaning is also announced for the car. The ARBÖ explains which things are important.

Vienna (OTS) The warm temperatures of the next few days are perfect for cleaning your own vehicle after the winter to prevent rusting due to salt or heavy soiling. The ARBÖ gives tips on how to clean the vehicle properly.

vehicle wash

An underbody wash should be carried out to ensure that the vehicle is not damaged by the salt and dirt. This permanently protects against rust and corrosion. Underbody washing can be carried out in car washes and in some specialist workshops. Manual cleaning with a steam cleaner is particularly gentle on electronic parts.


Door seals are often damaged by cold and salt. It is particularly important to carefully clean these in the spring and remove dirt, because they close the gap between the car door and the body, keeping moisture and dirt out. After cleaning, it is best to treat it with a suitable care product (according to the instructions for use).

tires and rims

Tires and rims also need care. The rims should be treated with a rim cleaner. Remove this with the high-pressure cleaner (keep a sufficient distance) and a soft brush. When cleaning, it is advisable to check the tires for damage. Damaged or worn tires represent a high traffic risk and must be replaced. Summer tires must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimeters and should not be driven for more than 4 seasons.

lighting and panes

In order to have a good all-round view and to avoid streaking, all windows (outside and inside) as well as the entire lighting should be cleaned. The ARBÖ recommends pre-cleaning the windows: To do this, wipe the windows with a wet cloth and dry them with a microfiber cloth. Then spray on the window cleaner and wipe off with a clean cloth. It is essential to ensure that no streaks form, as these can severely impair visibility.

The windscreen wipers were also put under a lot of pressure in winter. The ARBÖ recommends taking a look at the wiper blades and replacing them if necessary.


Check all fluids (engine oil, brake fluid and window cleaning agent) and top up if necessary. If there is no brake fluid, it is imperative that you have it topped up at an ARBÖ test center or a specialist workshop. Motor oil and window cleaner can be refilled yourself.

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