Making a commotion, this model promises the French president oral sex activities


Adult model Paola Saulino became a sensation through her recent tweet. The Italian woman promised to ‘satisfy’ French President Emmanuel Macron.

He expressed the promise to support Italy to win the singing contest at Eurovision. The singing contest is a talent search event where participants represent countries from the European Union.

“Last year Macron lobbied for France to win Eurovision,” Paola tweeted to her 74,000 followers on Twitter.

Last year, Italy won the prestigious singing talent search. The second place winner is a representative from France. Now, Paola asks the public to return to support the Italian representatives so that they can become champions again.

He also made unreasonable promises. The controversial woman admitted that she would give sexual activity to the French president to calm her down.

“I made this proposal: If Italy wins again, I make myself ready to give him oral sex with Macron, so at least he relaxes a bit,” he tweeted.

The name Paola Saulino has become a world sensation since a few years ago. Going back to the 2016 Italian referendum, Paola has been known ever since.

At the time the prime minister, Matteo Renzi, told the country he would resign if his key reforms were not approved. The model then offered every man who voted ‘No’ in the referendum, which he satisfied.

He revealed that since then he had performed oral sex on 700 men he did not know. Paola Saulino has become a person who is quite unsettling because of her sensuality so that her account is often deleted by Instagram.

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