MakSim disrupted the concert in Sochi: the singer needed emergency medical assistance

The concert at the Rosa Khutor resort started today according to the schedule: MakSim came out, greeted the fans and started the performance. But the audience immediately drew attention to the changed voice of the performer, as well as the absence of the usual warm communication with the public and incendiary dances. Obviously, the star felt extremely ill and almost could not work. But the fans did their best to support their favorite and sang along as best they could.

Having hardly performed several compositions, the singer put down the microphone and left the stage. Behind the scenes, she immediately needed the help of doctors who were on duty at the site. “StarHit” asked for comments to the representative of the artist.

“Marina, indeed, suddenly became ill. Now doctors are examining her. Until the last moment, she did not want to cancel the concert, since it is her job to give people a good mood, and she loves her work. But the body failed and failed. Perhaps because there was a difficult schedule, a lot of filming, several dozen concerts in a row. In the afternoon, her blood pressure rose, she felt dizzy, and she became very weak. The doctor did his best to stabilize the condition, and everything was fine at the soundcheck. However, something happened at the concert that no one expected, ”pair manager Yana Bogushevskaya explained to StarHit.

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