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Mammooka Sreeniyatan always visits the hospital and tells jokes

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‘Mammooka Sreeniyatan always visits the hospital and tells jokes’

Malayalees are the ones who talk a lot about the friendship of Malayalam film stars outside the film. Moments of Mammootty and Mohanlal sharing friendship like this are going viral on social media.

The picture of Srinivasan and Mohanlal together on the stage of Mazhavil Manorama Awards last day has been much talked about on social media. Srinivasan overcame his ailments to reach the award stage.

Now, producer and screenwriter Manoj Ram Singh is sharing an experience that shows the depth of friendship between Mammootty and Srinivasan. Manoj says that whenever Srinivasan is admitted to the hospital, Mammootty will come to see him directly.

Manoj says that Mammootty can ask the hospital MD on the phone or call up Srinivasan’s wife Vimala or his sons Vineeth and Dhyan, but Mammootty will meet Srinivasan in person and try to talk to him and make jokes if possible. Manoj also adds that Mammootty’s action has surprised him.

Whenever Mammooka is admitted to Sreeniyatan Hospital, Mammooka comes to see him directly, and if he calls the hospital MD or the Minister of Health, Mammooka can get a report on Sreeniyatan’s health. But without doing anything like that, they will come directly and ask for information. I am really surprised by this, if Mammooka asks, everyone will give the information on the phone. But he used to come directly and see Sreeniyatan and tell jokes. Sriniyatan also reacts to some jokes,’ says Manoj.

Manoj adds that if someone like Mammootty has to come in person, how many people should come with him and how many people have to come with him and manage all that, and it was surprising to see Mammootty come in person. Manoj says that it may be because of the bonding between them from the past that they come and see each other like this.

‘If someone like Mammooka wants to come directly to a place, what kind of systems and people should be with him? All this aside, Mammooka came to see Sreeniyatan because of their relationship,’ says Manoj.

Manoj Ramsingh clarified this in an interview given to Master Bin. Srinivasan, who was undergoing treatment at the hospital due to chest pain, left the hospital last April. Keedam is Srinivasan’s last released film. Directed by Rahul Riji Nair, Rajeesh Vijayan was the heroine.

Content Highlight: Mammootty visits Sreenivasan in hospital every time says script writter Manoj Ram singh

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