Man Arrested for Six Attempted Murders After Car Ramming Incident in Mons

2023-06-10 14:03:00

The author of the rodeo, Saturday around 3:30 a.m., around the Grand-Place in Mons, was placed under an arrest warrant for six attempted murders, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Mons said on Saturday, specifying that the actions of the individual, who drove his car into groups of people, injured six people. The arrest warrant also relates to a nasty obstruction of traffic, given his dangerous driving.

The prosecution clarified that the individual is known to the judicial services in Belgium, in particular for facts related to narcotics. However, he was not convicted.

The background of this forty-year-old is, on the other hand, quite heavy in France, his country of origin, where he has already been sentenced to a prison term for an attempted murder which dates back to 2012, in the context of serious facts similar to those of Mons and which had, according to Sud Presse, taken place in Lille.

The King’s Prosecutor, Vincent Macq, clarified on Saturday that the investigation into the facts of Mons is only at the beginning. The suspect is due to appear before the Mons Council Chamber during the course of next week.

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