Man dies after being run over while changing tire of his car

The driver of a car died after being hit by another car while changed one of his tires on Paseo de los Leones avenue, in the municipality of Monterrey, New Lion.

The mishap occurred this morning in an east-west direction along Paseo de los Leones avenue, before reaching the gold key roundabout in the Cumbres neighborhood.

The first inquiries reported that the now deceased approximately 25-30 years of agegot out of the unit type Chevrolet Aveo in burgundy color, to change a car tire, when another vehicle hit it, leaving it in the middle of the division of the lanes.

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Elements of Monterey Transitwho confirmed that the impact of the vehicle caused the death of the man.

The man’s body was left lying on the side of the median of said avenue.

Subsequently, municipal police authorities arrived, in addition to ministerial elements to begin the corresponding investigations.

Given this fact, two lanes were closed to traffic while waiting for the authorities to conclude the investigations.


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