Man in his 20s who killed 20 abandoned cats caught by police: Ulsan Northern Police Station announces investigation for violation of Animal Protection Act

2023-12-06 00:51:00

A man in his 20s who adopted and then killed 20 abandoned cats to relieve the stress of failing to invest in real estate was caught by the police.

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Ulsan Northern Police Station announced on the 6th that it is investigating Mr. A on charges of violating the Animal Protection Act.

Mr. A is accused of receiving 24 cats, including kittens, for free while working at an internet cafe related to rescued abandoned cats from May to August, and then killing them all.

It was found that Mr. A disposed of the cat’s body by putting it in a volume-rate bag or throwing it on the side of the highway.

The crime was revealed when cafe members contacted Mr. A to inquire about the well-being of the cat they had adopted. Ms. A often did not respond properly about her cat’s condition or did not contact her at all.

Then, some of the members who had sold the cat went to Mr. A and questioned him, and Mr. A confessed some of the crimes.

Afterwards, members reported the incident to the police and Mr. A was arrested.

It is known that Mr. A, an office worker in Ulsan, committed the crime to relieve the stress he suffered after making a real estate gap investment but failing. It is reported that no additional crimes by Mr. A have been reported to date.

The police said, “Mr. A’s cell phone and PC have been confiscated and are being investigated, and we plan to forward them to the prosecution soon.”

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