man kills a soccer player

ARGENTINA.- The Argentine soccer player Florencia Guiñazú She was murdered by her boyfriend in her home, later he committed suicide. The crime shocked Argentine society.

Florencia Guiñazú was a player for Argentino de Mendoza, she was 30 years old, and she was the mother of two children. Her romantic partner and the perpetrator of the crime was Agustín Notto32, who committed suicide after the crime.

According to what was reported, Agustín hit and strangled Florencia inside the marital room. Neighbors reported that during the night they heard banging and screaming, but they let it pass.

Hours later, one of them saw a sign in the window that revealed the horror that the police would find inside the apartment: “Call 911. The children are alone”.

Security elements arrived at the site, who entered by force after receiving no response. Inside they found the bodies of the couple In his bedroom.

During the crime in the house there was the couple’s eldest son10 years old, who I was playing a video game, without knowledge of what had happened to his parents. While the girl, 5 years old, he stayed the night with one of his grandmothers.

It should be noted that in November 2023, a neighbor found Florence in a state of shock. On that occasion Agustín hit her and locked her in the bathroom of her apartment. The soccer player presented a complaint for gender violenceHowever, the cause did not advance due to lack of evidence.

Who was Florencia Guiñazú?

Florencia Guiñazú was a professional soccer player, she was part of the team Club Atlético Argentino de Mendoza. And he had dabbled in rugby.

She was also a model and worked for different brands. On her Instagram account, Florencia had more than 24 thousand followers. She also developed as a tattoo artist.

The institution she represented in sports said goodbye to her with a post on Instagram: “We regret the death of our player… We send our condolences to Ámbar and Milo, her children, and her family, on behalf of the entire club.”

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