Mandl in Salzburg: “EU citizens should not only be those affected, but also those involved”

2023-12-01 09:05:08

Mandl in conversation with his colleague Hannes Heide “for the representation of his fellow Austrians and non-partisan cooperation”

Salzburg/Brussels (OTS) Yesterday, Thursday, the Austrian MEP Lukas Mandl (ÖVP) and his colleague Hannes Heide (SPÖ) spoke at the University of Salzburg under the moderation of Daniela Töpferberger (ORF) after an opening by State Governor Wilfried Haslauer on the topic of “Having a say about Europe”. The representation of the European Parliament in Austria and the Europe Direct initiative of the state of Salzburg organized the event as part of a series with a view to the European elections on June 9, 2024.

Mandl emphasized: “Citizens are not only those affected by EU decisions, but we are also participants, first and foremost through a European Parliament that represents all EU citizens. In the new European Parliament, 20 members will have the task of representing Austria. It It’s a nice task to be able to be there in parliament for our compatriots.”

The ÖVP’s security spokesman in the European Parliament explained the goals of his parliamentary work: “The vast majority of people expect the EU to contribute to their security. This requires a clear setting of priorities. With this in mind, I am negotiating in the European Parliament’s Interior Committee for an appropriate EU migration policy, That’s why I’m trying to contribute to the Foreign Affairs Committee to address the numerous crises on our planet.” These days, Mandl is taking a leading role in negotiating the European Parliament’s Syria report, which has recently become more explosive due to the situation in the Middle East.

“Overall,” says Mandl, “a good MP must always keep an eye on what their own compatriots are demanding from the EU, what they are for and against. In this sense, all issues that are important to Austrians deserve full attention . This also includes non-partisan cooperation when it comes to red-white-red. This works very well in many cases. Our goal of contributing to a Europe with more external strength and more internal freedom gives my team and I orientation in the daily challenges.” Among other things, Mandl was chief negotiator for the European Parliament’s Switzerland report: “Here we have to put what we have in common over what divides us,” he says. 44-year-old Lukas Mandl is also committed to implementing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: “There’s still a long way to go. But we have to stay behind it.” (Ending)

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