Manhunt for Fugitive Angel Resto Mojica and the Las Abejas Criminal Organization

2023-09-22 19:53:16

Ángel Resto Mojica, a gunman who was allegedly the author of a massacre that claimed the lives of three people in Juncos in 2013, fled this morning after cutting his shackle.

Resto Mojica, who is known in the artistic environment as K-Drian for being an exponent of the urban genre, belongs to the criminal organization “Las Abejas” led by Rafael Miranda Tolentino, alias Kikuet, and was under electronic supervision after a Court granted him his release through habeas corpus. The Caguas Prosecutor’s Office was preparing this morning to file charges for his participation in the massacre, along with three other people.

That constitutional right was granted to him, because more than six months passed and he was not prosecuted for being suspected of participating in another murder, the director of the Intelligence and Arrests Bureau, José “Joey” Fontánez, specified to Primera Hora. His release was on June 12.

Fontánez requested citizen collaboration to capture Resto Mojica.

The man is considered a highly dangerous and armed person, the Police warned.

If you have information that leads to the arrest of this person, you must confidentially communicate directly with the Intelligence and Arrest agents at telephone numbers (787) 793-0457, 787-744-0322 extension 1601, 1-800-981-3635 or to the confidential line of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau (787) 343-2020.

The case for which he is accused dates back to Thursday, February 28, 2013, when at around 8:45 pm on the PR-9929 highway, in front of the Sports Complex in Juncos, Christopher Velázquez Delgado, 25 years old, and brothers Louis García Rivera, 23, and Joshua García Rivera, 19, were murdered.

As a result of the investigation by agent Jesús Torres Ramírez of the Homicide Division of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Caguas, it was determined that Resto Mojica and Kikuet, as well as Orlando Mojica Rodríguez, alias Yogui, and José Ovidio Reyes del Valle , alias Obi, acted “vilely” and “recklessly” showing “total contempt for life,” which is why they “murdered these three human beings.”

The only one of the four accused who is a fugitive is Ángel Resto Mojica. (Supplied)

This is why prosecutor Alberto Miranda Smith, of the Organized Crime Division of the Department of Justice, ordered three charges of first-degree murder to be filed against each of the defendants.

After analyzing the evidence today, Judge Ingrid Caro Cobb, of the Caguas Court, determined cause for arrest against all the suspects, including K-Drian, who is a fugitive. The magistrate imposed a global bail of $1,500,000 ($600,000 against Kikuet and K-Drian and $150,000 against Yogi and Obi, who were raided in plain sight). The preliminary hearing was scheduled for October 11 at the Caguas Court.

All of the defendants, except K-Drian, are incarcerated.

“With the filing of these charges, the Police deal a hard blow to this criminal organization, while giving the families of these victims a little peace and tranquility knowing that the perpetrators of these crimes will be prosecuted. prosecuted and convicted for these acts. With this, we seek to send a clear message to the criminal that if you commit a crime you will be arrested. Impunity cannot be tolerated,” expressed the Uniformed in written statements sent to this newspaper.

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