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As an intelligent woman with character, but with a great human quality, friends and personalities of the country described the lawyer Marcela Monroy, who died this Saturday at the Santa Fe Foundation in Bogotá.

Doctor in Law from the Universidad del Rosario and specialized in Commercial Law, Monroy He left an intellectual legacy throughout his entire career that began in the 1970s.

Monroy had in his hands transcendental processes in the administrative and arbitration area and She was dean of the Faculty of Jurisprudence at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá.

In 91 she was appointed Magistrate of the Constitutional Court, a position that she declined, and also He was in shortlist for the Attorney General’s Office and the Ombudsman’s Office, among many other positions.

Former president Ernesto Samper, who knew her closely since the lawyer was married to her second husband, the journalist Roberto Posada García-Peña (D’Artagnan), highlighted her legal acuity.

“She was a great lawyer, I would say she was one of the five most important in the country, and a kind person. I really appreciate your daughter, Carmen Posada, who is a wonderful human being. I have very fond personal memories of her and an admiration for her professional work, “recalled the former president.

The ex-president stressed that Monroy had in his blood the passion for the law, which he inherited from his father, a renowned lawyer with a conservative affiliation from the last century, who served as Director of the Center for Studies of the Conservative Party of the “Alvarista wing.”

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One of your best friends and partner, The lawyer Joaquín Bernal, told EL TIEMPO, precisely, that one of the features that most surprised him about Marcela from a very young age was her passion for law.

“So much so, that I think she was the youngest dean of the Rosario School of Jurisprudence. There he made many changes. He modernized the faculty and got very close to the students ”, the lawyer notes.

In a profile that this newspaper made for him at that time, he gave an account, precisely, of that youth. “Every day, very early in the morning, you could see him enter the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario with his thick glasses. He was confused among the students, until he walked through the door of the dean of the law school ”.

Bernal also highlighted how Monroy was always behind power, for his valuable legal contributions.

“She was a woman who in law was always a reference, due to her knowledge, intelligence and practicality in handling issues. It was very dedicated to arbitration tribunals that always had resonance for the country, on infrastructure issues, usually in the public sector ”, Bernal notes.

It was very dedicated to arbitration tribunals that always had resonance for the country, on infrastructure issues, usually in the public sector

In the shadow of power

Although he always received “flirtations” from power, and several presidents proposed ministries and high-level positions to him, Monroy preferred to maintain a prudent distance.

“The former president Pastrana, Santos or Uribe always had her in the rattles, as a reference whether she was a judge of the courts, either for minister, because she was a woman who was very aware of her in the public sector, but never wanted to accept, ”says her partner and friend.

Especially because she was also a great defender of her private and family life. She married Mauricio González, former president of the Constitutional Court, for the third time, with whom she had her second son Vicente.

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After divorcing, she remained surrounded by her close friends and her current life partner Fernando Salazar.

Her friends remember her as a great conversation partner, with whom she could talk about various legal issues, current affairs in the country and less serious for hours.

“She was a woman of great character, who set her position above all else. Our friends loved her very much, but as a good litigator, when she handled a process she defended it to the death and obviously she generated, like any person who does not go unnoticed in the world, sympathy and friction, ”says Bernal.

In a profile that this newspaper made of him in 1990, when Monroy, 35, developed an active role to promote the Constituent Assembly of 1991, and that earned her the nickname of ‘Mama Papeleta’, they were reminded of another of his passions.

“With the young people he cultivated the seventh ballot. That which over time was arousing parallel expectations in other universities ”, this newspaper recalled then.

In music, he loved Serrat, Brazilian samba and pop classics the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond and, of course, The Beatles.

In literature, the jurist had a special weakness for the novels of Dickens and Balzac, and of course, in the gastronomic field, a passion that she shared a lot with her second husband D’Artagnan – sybarite and passionate about the subject – a weakness for Roquefort cheese .

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In addition, she was a promoter of the student march that took place after the death of Luis Carlos Galán. In 2000, once again, former President Andrés Pastrana also wanted to include the election of the Ombudsman. The shortlist of the former president was made up of Eduardo Cifuentes (who was elected), Patricia Murcia and Marcela Monroy.

“In summary, the inventory that she leaves is a great affection of the legal community, mainly, and also political. As a friend and family member an excellent person ”, His friend Joaquín Bernal ends.

The world of law and those who knew her pay tribute to Dr. Monroy and extend their condolences to her family and those who accompanied her in these harsh weeks after being hospitalized for the pandemic.



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