María Elena Espinoza Vílchez: Young mother and her 7-year-old daughter were beheaded inside their home in San Martín de Porres | RMMN | LIME

A young mother, identified as María Elena Espinoza Vílchez (24), and her 7-year-old daughter were murdered inside the house where they lived, inin Lima.

The Sunday program detailed that mother and daughter were beheaded on the second floor of the building Located at the crossroads of Pacasmayo and Sol de Naranjal avenues.

The double crime was perpetrated in front of the two-year-old twins who were sleeping and were not attacked.

Liliana Vílchez Chupayo, mother of María Elena Espinoza Vílchez, indicated that one of the suspects in the murder is his daughter’s ex-partner, since he harassed her after ending the relationship due to the beatings he gave her. She even reported him to the authorities for the attacks.

The family of the victims revealed that the doors of the house were not violated, so they suspect that the murderer would be someone who knew María Elena Espinoza Vílchez and his daughter.

For their part, the young mother’s current partner indicated that they were at their workplace at the time of the crime and that they went to the scene as soon as they were informed of what happened.


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