María Emilia Soria’s birthday and thus showed the intimacy of the celebration, in Roca

2023-07-23 21:17:37

The mayor of Roca, Maria Emilia Soriahad his birthday last Thursday and decided to show the intimacy of the celebration throught social media. She did it with a big family postcard.

«Hola 38s! ????????‍♀️«wrote the community chief, along with a photograph in which she is seen smiling when blowing out the candles.

In the image that she uploaded to her Facebook, she was seen surrounded by her children and her brothers, among whom the presence of the Minister of Justice of the Nation and current candidate for national deputy stands out, martin soria.

«Happy birthday María Emilia, enjoy it in the company of your beautiful family», «Very happy happy birthday dear mayor», «God fill you with blessings!!! Kisses», «Best wishes for you»; were some of the comments that accompanied the publication.

In this way, the former national legislator commemorated her 38th anniversary.

Recently, it became known that the Justicialist leadership of Río Negro closed a unit list of party authorities for the period 2023-2027, as part of an agreement between Senator Martín Doñate and the Minister of Justice.

However, it was known that the re-elected roquense mayor will not participate. At the moment, integrates the Party Council but did not want to continueratifying his differences with the construction proposed by his brother, Minister Soria, with Senator Doñate.

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