Marinakis: ERT will continue with the five-day working regime – Soon the signing of the SSE 2024-04-23 07:38:40

Speaking from the floor of the Plenary of the Parliament, Mr. Marinakis assured, at the same time, that the new collective labor agreement will be signed very soon, while the joint ministerial decision on the granting of a dangerous and unhealthy work allowance to ERT employees will also be signed.

The occasion was the topical question of the KKE MP, Seminas Digeni, who called on the government “to clarify what measures it intends to take, so that the six-day work law that will come into force on July 1 of 2024”, requesting at the same time “that their new collective labor agreement be signed, with a brave increase in their salaries”.

“Actually, the law 5353/2023 was passed, and despite the fact that ERT is not exempted from the law, at the same time it does not meet the conditions set by the law, so it will continue to operate with the five-day work as foreseen until the passing of the law. And in fact, while we are in communication with the competent Ministry of Labour, it is not in the intentions of the ERT Management to change this, as far as the employees are concerned.

So the answer is “no, the six-day work will not be implemented for ERT, it will continue to work with the same regime”, Mr. Marinakis pointed out characteristically. And he added:

“Regarding the collective labor agreement, we must say that the ERT employees were justifiably protesting for many years because we did not have any signature of a collective labor agreement. But the ND government came and after 2019, after negotiations with the journalists and with the employees of ERT and its management, the new collective agreement 2022-2023 was signed”.

“Instead of salary increases, vouchers are given to buy products from supermarkets, with the result that their salary remains stagnant, salary scales are not given according to years of service and their insurance coverage remains stagnant, at least for their pension part .

At ERT, various forms of labor relations are also applied, such as project contracts, while the technicians do not receive an allowance for unhealthy and dangerous work”, objected Ms. Digeni.

“Indeed, this does not concern the salary status of the employees, but many important non-salary aspects improve the position of the employees. This will also take place in 2024. Discussions and negotiations have already begun, we are at a fairly advanced stage and I believe that very soon we will have the signature of a new collective labor agreement”, said Mr. Marinakis.

Correspondingly, the signing of the MOU required for the granting of a dangerous and unhealthy work allowance to ERT employees is in progress”, underlined Mr. Marinakis and continued:

“Today, ERT has 1,789 employees with labor contracts, who are its biggest asset and work hard in a competitive environment, so we try to support them with all our strength, but based on the country’s fiscal data.

What applied to the collective labor agreement in 2022 and 2023 indirectly, but essentially, the income was enhanced by around 1500 euros per employee. This government managed to give ERT workers raises, which were due for 14 years.

We understand the needs of the workers after the multiple crises, but also that all of this comes from the state budget and Greek taxpayers’ money. The difference between the government and the opposition is that what it says it does, and it costs and implements it because it can be implemented very simply. And it is certain that as long as this positive course of the country continues and in a climate of stability – and we have every reason to believe so – we will only have news like this”.

Furthermore, Mr. Marinakis placed special emphasis on the course of Public Television, speaking of “big and quite significant successes” emphasizing that the viewers put its channels back on their remote controls.

“All these important successes, in some individual sectors, that ERT has achieved in the last difficult years of multiple crises, are not of the government, but of its management, the patience and hard work of the employees, which are reflected in many different flat.

We are talking about a Public Television that went through a very difficult period during the days of the previous government, a Public Television that had lost every trace of its credibility. It actually reproduced the propaganda of the previous government. It is true that this was happening in parallel with a period when the previous government was trying with the known laws and the means decided by the justice, to turn the private television into something similar. But all this belongs to the past and these are days which did not raise the level of ERT and in no way strengthened the position of the workers”, stressed Mr. Marinakis and added:

“The big picture says that for the same price Greek citizens and TV viewers have put the Public Television channels back on their remote control. And this happened because after whole decades we have fiction again, daily productions, we finally have a news channel ERTNEWS, which according to all studies and major agencies is a reliable information channel. We also have ERTFLIX, visited monthly by 15 million viewers, a single radio portal, the digitization of the archive and finally a Public Television, which from the time of the complete discredit of partisanship, an ERT that resembled a Soviet-style channel broadcasting its propaganda government, has turned into a Public Television that promotes credibility, information and culture, respects workers and takes steps that have not been done for decades”.

“Since I can remember, there has not been a year without militant mobilizations of ERT workers for the unacceptable working regime. Crime is constant and has never stopped. Propaganda is not a thing of the past for ERT. He always knew very well how to do it, he continues to do it in the best way. And of course, when we are happy about the development of ERT, it is good to be happy about the defense of workers’ rights – which is not happening – and not about their extermination. Any successes are based on the hard work of the workers,” countered Mrs. Digeni.

He also emphasized that “the six-day work in the two state media opens very dangerous paths because the administrations can at some point demand it and will demand it”.

“It is understood that it will not take effect until it is voted on, but it will take effect. The workers, however, will not accept a lifetime of rubber depending on the employer’s requirements,” he said.


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